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Desolée, Pas maintenaint, mais La Brise Nordique – viendra tout suite! ( Vous pouvez poser des questions courtes en français et je peux demander de l’aide pour y répondre. ;-))

In English:

The Power of Your Breath – as beautiful as it is simple – Why shouldn’t you want to know about it? You have it – already. Just need some improvement to better your health, energy and harmony!

Conscious Breathing Could Help You Too!
You Can:

  • Calm down a racing mind and get inner peace
  • Sleep like a baby and wake up full of energy
  • Reduce fear, worry, anxiety and conflicts
  • Improve your sexual ability
  • Have more endurance and recover faster from physical activity
  • Perform more with less efforts
  • Be more creative and have better communication skills
  • Lose weight without struggle
  • Have energy to enjoy life to its fullest
  • Conscious Breathing  – read more here:  www.consciousbreathing.com read it, enjoy it! 
  • Send me a message if you like to book me as your Breathing Instructor/Coach!  
  • And if you like to buy any of the items/courses on the page – please, Do IT FROM ME! Same procedure- same price – same time – but you get the invoice from me!

I got a question from a very good friend: Please tell me about the importance of a good breathing – within one minute! Watch my answer right here! 

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I am travelling pretty often and not available all the time. Please excuse me if you have to wait a day or two! Don’t let that stop you! Because I can’t wait to help you to get hold of this simple tool for any one to use.